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About Us
We have a diverse portfolio evolving from component/spare part manufacturers to end-to-end solution providers in mechanical and structural engineering. Our range of services include component design and fabrication, machine design and fabrication, job fabrication, panel and box fabrication, tool design, press jobs, welding jobs and superior quality finishing among other things.
We are a group of experienced professional in designing and manufacturing of various mechanical components as per our customer requirement. We like to take the challenge of developing various mechanical components from any sample and/or diagram provided by our customer. We are a total solution provider from drawing/sample to the final component i.e. from concept to commissioning.
Operational Background
The following listed below is a brief of what we currently do:
Press Fabrication:
We have various power press machines (10-80 ton) to work upon various forms of metal (sheet, wires, pipes). We are also the die and tool makers for mass manufacturing of components and customized items of industrial use as per the specification and diagram provided.
Hydraulic Shearing and Hydraulic Bending Press:
We have hydraulic shearing and press machine for bending and forming materials with the necessary die-tools.
Metal Operations and Fabrication:
We use the skill and experience in moulding, fabricating and welding of various metals like MS, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper etc.
Die and Tool Making:
We are experienced die makers in fabricating sheet metals for blanking, bending, shaping, forming, etc.
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